Saturday, December 6, 2008

two cds you should be listening to this christmas

#1—this one is TDF.

Hotel Café Presents Winter Songs

i love all of these girls and some of these are beauties that could be year-round.

go here to listen clips of all the songs and to purchase it on itunes.
i love love the fiona apple one, of course the colbie one... but the first one will be on repeat for days...

#2— and this is a staple. (meaning, you can't open presents without it....)
James Taylor at Christmas

go tell it on the mountain, winter wonderland, and the sweetest rendish of baby, it's cold outside feat. natalie cole.... yum. thank you dad, for turning me on to this man... cause now my christmas will never be the same...

proceed to purchased enjoyment.


  1. i believe you introduced me to james taylor; your dad introduced you to james taylor; ipso facto, your dad introduced me to james taylor. thank him for me.

  2. thanks for introducing us to the winter songs, we love the female singer songwriters!

  3. um...agreed-james Taylor ='s Christmas...along with Kenny G, and on occasion some Mannheim Steamrollers (but rare). Love you girl-see you in 2! (I'm Roger Rabbiting until then) Love you Sis.