Sunday, December 7, 2008

snuggies vs. wedgies

a friend of mine and i have been having the same argument for years now...

— where i come from, a wedgie is what your brothers did to you by yanking on your panties* from the back and painfully lodging them between the cheeks...

— a
snuggie has always been an inevitable self-inflicted position in which any sized panties will become lodged between two over-sized cheeks of butt**... happens to those of us white girls with black in the back....

he seemed to think that a wedgie counted for both situations...
no. it doesn't. and now it is blogged, which makes it truth.
i win.
apparently someone had another idea of a snuggie...

and i thought the long ugly coats i have been checkin out on the metro were bad enough... gross. that i mention it, i think i HAVE seen some of these on the metro...ew.

if they only knew what i think of when i see their product...

* i apologize to those of you who [like me] have a loathing for this word. it had to be used.
** sunday is apparently a day to be graphic... again, sorry. no i'm not. it's my blog dag nabit.


  1. That is so funny! I just saw a commercial for the "snuggie" the other day and LAUGHED till I almost peed. What!? They look like monk suits. Can't wait to see ya! Love, Cam

  2. I saw this infomercial too...umm yeah someone didn't get the memo of what a snuggie really is. Plus, it looks like a glorified robe worn backwards. Once again, you crack me up!

  3. so is it "pansed" or "de-pansed"??... everyone i know says "pansed", but wouldn't that mean you are putting pants on, not taking them off???... obviously i am a "de-pansed" votee... there is another one for you:) -Rachel (Rich's sister-in-law, lol)

  4. look, i'm still right on this snuggie/wedgie (non)distinction.

    there...i said it.

  5. you and i don't know each other...but, i was having this same conversation with one of my friends and we decided to google snuggie vs. wedgie to see who would win. your blog came up, and i proved my point with the snuggie arguement. and, as i see on your're from mesa? well, me too. maybe it's an AZ thing. thanks for helping me win!