Friday, December 19, 2008

see what i mean?

i got an email from one of my students that just said,
"hi ms. moffat, we miss you at duke."
(when she replied, she let me know that the boys did their
"ms. moffat" dance for everyone at the christmas party... awesome.)

a friend of mine who teaches at the school IMed me this morning
and said that in response to:
"who would you choose for Time's person of the year 2008?"
a student put me... even funnier....

i think it is because they love that i am part black...
as evidenced here:

(note: I am new to this editing program...
there is one profane word that i tried to cover...
get over it. $--- happens, right?)


  1. That was so cool!! We knew you'd be loved wherever you go. That's so sweet to see the impact and love you make.

  2. Now that we have "officially" met I dont feel bad commenting on your blog :] So basically me and Mads have ghetto black booty shaking junk parties all the time..and now im positive that the "black person" vibes run in the family :}Kinda a half vanilla, half chocolate type of thing. Mmm..i always loved swirls! :]