Thursday, December 18, 2008

ok, blog....

just sos you know... i am in the process of being crafty... and you will see what that entails soon enough... lets just say it is homemade christmas this year at the moffat's house... and i have nearly 5 projects going on... but i am half done!

i am running all over now that i am back in the az
but i won't lie to you, i miss the east coast and my cute roommates: 
(brittney, tali, kim, tami, and elle-- wait- you live here!)

i already miss the thai/soul/indian/asian/pakistani/naughty food that i so indulged in at least once a week...

i miss the gym that was down the hall that i could go run and lift in whenever i wanted to...

i miss the friends that took care of me while there...providing me with fun things to do and see...

i hope my magical job* finds me soon so that i can be there again soon.

oh and for the record, being home for the holidays is my new favorite thing... i have a testimony of it and know that it's true.

* magical job is basically what everyone on the east seems to have: some vague job at "the fed" or "the hill" or some vague consulting or designing thing... getting paid lots to do something that you happen to be great at... so it is exactly what you needed...something like that would be nice.

oh yes... the pictures and;or video from school will be here soon...chill dawg.

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