Thursday, December 4, 2008

MEMORANDUMTO: All Black Parents

SUBJECT: Re: Naming your children
DATE: Effective Immediately

Please don't start naming your children after President-elect Barack Obama…

Obamaneshia, Obamalaya, Obamaria, Barakesha, Barakyah, Barakakhan, etc.

Give your children a chance to grow-up without being burdened by a ridiculous sounding name.


  1. Please tell me you made those names up. Please tell me those names didn't come from a credible source. Please.

  2. um . . . is this politically correct?

    here in arizona i heard on the news that a baby born on election day had been named obama by his parents. no mention of race, though.

  3. You crack me up...I also think they need to not name them after his daughters...I can't think of their names right now but a lady had twin girls the day after elections and named them after his daughters...granted they're not as horrible as the names you mentioned but's like the whole name your baby Emma after Rachel on Friends, or Bella.