Sunday, November 30, 2008

the golden rule:

so what
if i have had a secret desire to have paparazzi
follow me and my [non-existent] lover
all over and take fotos of us
being in love...

this is becca and her husband jason.
she is a teacher of spanish.
they are beautiful.
and one of these pictures needs to
become their christmas card.

as usual, you can comment here, or
on the picasa album.

lets help them pick:
what should be framed, and what should be on a card?

location: most of these were shot at Harper's Ferry near DC,
the most foto savvy area i've ever seen.


  1. Yeah! I love them! Thanks Meg, you rock! I'm not sure which is my fav I like the 10th one, the fifth from the end, and the last one.

  2. I liked a lot of them. I would like for you to share with me the raw files via internet or cd... which ever would be best. I would like to make one of them our christmas card.

  3. I especially like the one where they are grabbing each others butts. Love, Cam

  4. i don't know these people, but i love the one 3rd from the bottom- laughing with eachother- you really "captured a moment" :)looks good meg!