Saturday, November 1, 2008

Virginia is for lovers?

oh really? i have qualms with that statement:

#1 - what makes YOU the expert on the matter... huh? huh?
i guess i am not really sure who would even know enough about virginia to think that all lovers would love virginia...?
or even that love happens here anyway...
maybe you should check the stats on how many people come here to love more freely to get out of the tyranny that is
running rampant in their own state?
what if only YOU,
random college kid shirt designer man,
just thought it would be "funny"?

#2 - and how can this place be called "home of the lovers", when everyone seems to whip out their alaskan snow gear when it is 53° outside?! sorry... now, maybe i did just come from utah where 40° means snow... but that does not warrant this kind of behavior....
nor does it prove that any of you know how to be lovers...


[and this comes, with love, from a true Arizonan)

end scene.


  1. My brother Josh came back from visiting Virginia and presented me with a pink "Virginia is for lovers" t-shirt. He says he looked everywhere for a "Virginia is for gay lovers" t-shirt for me, but figured with the pink shirt people would just put two and two together.

  2. haha. its not just a shirt-its the official slogan of virginia and it originally was "virginia is for lovers of agriculture" they just shortened it over time cause it was too long to say and lovers could encompass any hobby