Friday, October 31, 2008

must be halloween or something...

i had the day off today.

so i decided i would be productive.

got up, way too early,

sat up—began blogging...

after about... oh- 2 hours or so,
i thought i should get up and maybe go to the gym.

so i got up and changed....
well—put on a sports bra,

and then called my mom to check in
....after that 20-min convo,
i realized i couldn't go to the gym on an empty stomach,
so i went to the kitchen.

i checked the fridge where i noticed
the left over batter from these
yummies that i made.
"i should make those..."
and i turned around...

what a mess! i thought,
"i should do these dishes before my roommates
come home... they would really love me...
but i decided to take out the trash first.

after the trash, i thought,
"i can't clean the kitchen when it is this bad with no music!..."

so after i made the 20 minute trek to the other end of the house,
i remembered that i should send out a notice for choir on sunday...
but i needed to know when so i had to poll them first—agh!

so i crafted and sent out an email,
hoping to get it out of the way
so i could get back to cleaning the kitchen...
when i realized i really should go to the gym....

and then after explaining all this
to my roommate elle who just walked in the door,
i thought, "i need to blog this.
THAT's what i need to do right now!"

...and we are at now, now.

heaven help my offspring.

oh- you know what i need to do right now...
i need to watch last night's office...hmm...

then go to the gym.


  1. hahaha. wow. that sounds exactly like my thought process daily too.

  2. See what I spawned? Sorry to have passed on the procrastinateuntilyoudie gene. There is help though. I just don't know where to find it. Besides I love the blog so keep that up.

  3. This made me laugh out loud (lol).

  4. Meg, I gotta tell you, you make my heart laugh!!! Thanks for lightening up my day.