Friday, September 12, 2008

an ode to my sister

foto by meg

- smarter than me, (4.2 gpa, takes college classes as a Junior, has read more books than i have...ya know...)
- more talented than me (sings; dances; acts; improvs; plays the piano, violin, jaw harp, harpsichord, triangle, and finger chimes; debates; leads organizations...)
- knows exactly how she feels about herself and her beliefs, and wouldn't change that for anything
- smiles and laughs all the time...which is very very contagious.
- she bleeds purple and gold, but loves orange
- never sleeps.
in fact, i usually find her in the morning on her knees flopped ever her bed. dead, but excruciatingly diligent.
- knows how to be a true and honest friend and has many of them that all adore her
- is way more confident in her own style than i ever was at 18...
- loves to learn and soak up new things
- wonderfully supportive daughter, aunt, and sister.

she was recently told, apparently, that she is "more adult than her sister." which is quite true. i look up to her.... in a very literal way!

Happy Birthday
not-so-little-and-now-a-legal-adult sister!!
i took a picture for you:


  1. Very nice post sistah! Maddi is @ the ACT test as we speak, and I say Amen, with a hesitation about more, bigger, better, 'cause you are amazing . No question or argument. The end.

  2. Love the post. Especially the part about her falling asleep during her evening prayers:) Rich is still in denial that Maddi turned eighteen.

  3. Oh, this is so sweet. She must love this. I did.

    We miss you Meg. I say hi to you when I drive by your billboard every morning, just so you know.


  4. Happy Birthday Maddi! Cute post, Meg!