Monday, September 15, 2008

i love black people

[sitting on the bus alone]...

bus driva: ...ya know those dresses? the ones that gots a turtleneck/tie thing that like hangs down... and theys gots no sleeves?
(looking around the bus to confirm that she is speaking with me through the windshield) yeah?

bus driva: (pause)... when they supossa wear those? i mean fits like hot out... then they not gonna want to have like that on their neck! but fits cold... they don't got no sleeves!
...yeah... funny.

(five minutes of silence whilst reading my new political book of wonderment)

bus driva:...and you know those mini skirts and the hairy boots? ...what's up with that? I mean, if it is cold enough to wear the fur boots it is too cold to be wearin the mini skirt. period!

<-- (i knew what she was talking about, but this was the only thought i couldn't shirk)

(at school, supposedly in a "study hall" and I am "supervising" my kids as they "study." right. but really who cares.)

they start singing and dancin round to songs i recognize..."soldier boy...." i have my computer, so i bust the song out and jam with myself across the room. one of my girls notices and says: "damn, we gossum
white chocolate
in the room!"

(this was, by the way, after the other intern was walkin behind me and said, "damn girl, you got a butt!")

maybe in the next life i will get to be black... until then, i feel right at home...


  1. Please Please keep these stories coming!

  2. Ha ha ha! That's great. Reminds me of my aerobics class in high school when i wanted to be on the mexican/black girl's side of the volleyball net. Neecie (remember her- big, black, funny girl) said, "Dang girl- you like da sawlt in our peppah." I loved it. Glad you are having good experiences

  3. That just totally made my day even better! Love ya! Cam