Wednesday, June 4, 2008

why is today already awesometown?

at least 2 reasons:

1) i set my alarm for 5:15 (normal) but for PM (which is not) which means i was way late and had to go get swigs as penance for my supervisor... I will admit I did get a small morning cocktail myself. otherwise yesterday marks 5 weeks off swigs... i have had about 2.5 in the 5 weeks-- all for medicinal reasons... that is no joke at all... i drink on average 44-50 ounces of water a day now... i awesome.

2) i just got off the phone with a man that offered to pay $50 bucks to anyone who would
hand deliver his daughter's exam the Fedex location so she could graduate.... (we just have a cut off time to send them out, but they don't really "go out" until Fedex comes- with is like 4ish...i had told him that the time had passed but i would "see what i could do..."). they hadn't gone out yet so i came back and told him that I would "hand deliver it to the Fedex location" and he got my name to send me a check... "honestly you don't have to do that!" i said... "nope! it will be there tomorrow!!" this place kills me...


which reminds me- i helped
a girl a few weeks ago that flew in from alaska to take her exam... so she could could hopefully pass them this time and then fly right back to walk off of the plane and directly onto the field for graduation. she was clueless: didn't know that provo wasn't near salt lake, didn't have a ride back, didn't print out her assignments to submit them... which meant i spent the early morning hours figuring out files on a few computers, scheduling a cab, and then (unbeknown to the student) begging her instructor while he golfed to let her pass because she failed by one percent! she did, and i even had to drive her over to an atm to get cash to pay for the cab and we got breakfast cause she didn't feed herself... long story short, her mom called me back that afternoon and asked me my full name, shoe size and favorite color... still waiting to see if she delivers...

and believe me, blog, you will be the first to know!!

now i am going to waste away my evening at the BYU spring opera... just sitting here, all alone, getting credit with bloody q-tips...


  1. Only in America. This post is beyond cute. Reminds me of a song....."There are chances for help all around just now...." I think it's cool that in each case,
    a. you are there to help @ good 'ole I.S. and
    b. that you totally knew just what to do and when to do it.
    All that and your face on a billboard, sigh. Independent Study ben berry good to me.

  2. reason number three {blah, blah, blah} awesometown . . . i got a new grandbaby!

  3. I so hope you get the shoes!!

  4. Where in the world do you meet these people??!!