Wednesday, June 25, 2008

faddish? maybe, but i can't get enough

so-- when in Vegas with Rob we went here:

this place is pretty great because it is healthy an yummy and sooooo good. they make frozen yogurt, but closer to real yogurt than custard yogurt (which is also good btw, but that is besides the point). then they serve it with berries and granola or cereal and good things.

so a friend at work mentions that there is a place here, in utah, called Yoasis. within hours i went, enjoyed it, and yes, already have 4 punches on my new punch card!

then i found out this place DOES have a Red Mango... i will be visiting that one shortly...

THEN i realized, OH CRAP- i am moving at the end of the summer! what if there isn't a place like this, what if there is no where to go when i need a pick-me-up yogurt with fruit, a sweet healthy treat that i crave...? what to do?!

then, at my very busy and important job, i surfed.

and found this: SweetGreen. the name alone! they have the yogurty goodness as well as cute and yummy looking cafe-ish food type products... can't wait. hey friends in dc- get ready!

and get this: right in Georgetown... where i will be teaching. awesome! and check out the other restaurants they list at this place: Georgetown Cupcake, which has me all excited cause i already know i can't get enough of this place here: SoCupcake.

i love that there are places that ONLY serve cupcake... awesome! and they are ususally the cutest places you will ever see. AND- what a great gift idea. the one here giftwraps them in a cute box so you can take one to a friend on their birfday.

i love that!


  1. Yaay! You found another FOH. Food Of Healthiness. I'm sure you will have to show us the FY and CC shops in DC when we come to see you. Just make a list and we will whittle it down.