Sunday, May 11, 2008

who called first?

here's you, spending time with your mom,
secretly wishing you didn't have to do all the dishes,
but doing them anyway because it's her day and dad told you to.

here's me
. not getting to do that.

here's me, sitting in church,
thinking about all of me that originated in her...

how she always knows what to do- or at least what to say,

how calling 2-3 times a day is not a problem at all,

how i admire her for the charitable person that she is,

for the kitchen nazi that she is deemed,

for the quirky hilarious mess that adds to basically any function,

for the devotion to beliefs,

for the love of family,

for the ability to see the world in bright colors,

and ultimately for teaching me to love life.

i love moms,
and the fact that i will forever be in a conversation with no end...

"i'm not done with you," she says.
and quite frankly,
no one could be happier about that fact than this one right here.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

from the offspring that loves you more than all of those other ones that might have actually sent you something...


  1. I loved that fun tribute. Thank You so much! I feel the same knowing I am never done talking to you or your siblings. Thanks for not being done talking to me either. Side I really look like that? I am so on a diet, what's the old saying?....more Chins than a Chinese Phone book? That was a great night..the photo you posted. It's been a great day! Heart YOU

  2. Awwww...sweet. I liked this post. :)

  3. that's a really {really} cute picture.

    your mom is one of my favorite people.