Tuesday, April 15, 2008

stop and smile

is being done with classes (but having a few finals...cake!)

winning Biggest Loser!!!
love her, and now i am starting my summer boot camp...like tomorrow..
talk to me at the end of 4 months and 20lbs short...

thank you for the inspiration

and the momentary bliss that is knowing i have a nite to sleep in fo rills...

oh- and side note of glee: Juno came out on dvd today...
you bet your lace-ups that i am going to be
needing that two-discer with all the goodies on it..
but i can be patient....

sort of...


  1. This made me so exceptionally happy. Of course, it's not going to inspire me to start working out or anything, but I'm glad that at least Ali lost all that weight while I sat on my sofa eating Ben & Jerry's...

  2. We watched it last night too! I was so excited, nay, ECSTATIC that Ali WON! GIRL POWER and she just looks fabulous! While we were watching it I kept saying to Steven, "Doesn't this just make you want to go work out and sweat RIGHT NOW!?!" and he replied "We'll see if you're still this enthusiastic at 6:15 am when we go to the gym."

  3. JUNO...♥. Can't wait to buy my own personal copy.

    I am happy for Ali's win & so super inspired by her as well. So much, I too am startin' a lil boot camp!

    Happy being DONE with classes!

  4. Can I just say you by far have some of the best posts in the history of blogging!

  5. Quick note...LOVE your happy thoughts...I AGREE! Way to go Alli! CUTE pictures of DC. Believe you me, I looked at them all! And lastly, Mac and I almost peed our pants watching the Mob video. SO flipp'n funny. Love you! Cam