Saturday, April 19, 2008

almost paradise.... but not quite....

just keep swimming,
just keep swimming,

just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...
swiiiiiiming, swiiiiiiming...

i have only a few finals left and i am not so worried about them.
my body is a little sore from the gym-going and dancing (thanks donelle, my calves are still screaming) that i have done in the past few days, but hopefully it will be worth it

(weigh in is on Tuesday... I will post results-as if you cared).

it really is too bad that i complain about my body being sore when poor dad and rob are in pain for real things.
love you guys... hang in there

just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

which reminds me.... swimming sounds like fun these days...
and almost possible in the weather....
time for a new suit,
i think so.

side note: can it be next weekend
so my family can come play wif me?

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