Tuesday, April 29, 2008

reviews for you....

in no particular order or from any particular thought process...
do not attempt to decipher:

Amelie is one of the most beautiful films i have seen in years...
and come to think of it- i haven't seen it in years.
but it is one of those you do not easily forget.
she asks you to do something and to think
and play and smile about life.
the movie is so colorful too- i love bright colors,
and i think it is how all pictures should be.

Waiting for Guffman, another flick i can never get enough of. perhaps it is because of the chillingly accurate depiction of life as i know it... being about awful community theatre and way intense performing types... but also just the nature of a mockumentary. kills me. the way it is made makes it seem so white trash- but it is one of those niche films that with the right crowd... will make you sauce your pants.

Tucanos. where tonight, with a great crowd of awesome people, i consumed copious amounts of brazilian meat and pasta and loved life... until now at the very moment that i need to sleep and cannot due to reoccurring unsatisfying burpage...nasty. but the garlic beef and the tenderloin....naughty. very naughty. the grilled pineapple...also naughty.

the phoenix suns. a valiant effort and a big boy get you fouled uselessly because of a handful of sissy boys from San Antonio. i don't know if i could teach that kind of acting. sad to say that i think next year will be the year for the boys from the hot town. this year the suns are a teenage boy going through puberty. just give em time.

foto by meg

oh- and another random thought. today was my brother's birthday! Mac's. it is his golden birthday, when you turn the age on the actual date or your age ya know... i was six when that happened and i don't recall it being that awesome.
so yeah- he's 29. he's a dad. he loves basketball and his wife and a-freakin-dorable daughter...
and apparently takes far more trips to the DQ than i had ever imagined. also awesome.
we graduated together the last time i did that... and when jake was on his mish, we bonded and shared college friends for a while. he loves to laugh and make people laugh and is one of the best examples of service i have seen.

anyway, after i talked to him, it made me think of how funny it is that we call each other on birthdays and rarely talk to each other like the inter-communicators that we used to be in the olden days- ya know... like with phones or the good ole' "lets do lunch". back when phones were mustard green and hung in all of their cord glory on the wall.
i wish it didn't take birthdays to call people we love. not that i don't talk to my brother, cause we do... occasionally. but not enough for my taste. in fact, there are far too many people that i don't talk to that i used to. and should. but don't.

SO, here is my challenge to you: call someone that you would normally only check their blog, or facebook, or email, or whatever it is that we do now instead of talk like real humans... but do it for no reason.
i am going to try to get 3 in this week.
calling people i love that i should talk to more often....
like a normal person!

and, for the record, i have started my "healthy track" today,
and so far things are looking good...
a full 24 hours without ddp... and going strong.


  1. Amelie is a miraculous, fantastically wonderful film!! Makes you think, want to be a better person, make someone's day, fall in love. I need to watch it again!

  2. How did I never know you loved "Guffman?!" One of my favorite movies. I feel like we could have done so much more with this knowledge 2 years ago...

  3. Need to see Amelie! I thought it was a good movie, bet never saw it. Thanks for blogging. I love to read your words. You score with the Birthday Post!