Monday, April 28, 2008

Did it!

we both did actually...

i refuse to lie. there were some tears shed and some
major sibling bonding time.

and after I got the most amazing gift...,
(thanks dad... gee I might be spoiled just a bit)
i put it to use immediately...

foto by meg

foto by meg

maybe if i hadn't
hacked my hair off

just days prior to gradumation,
then i would look as hot in my cap as as this chick.

(a moment to view the 8in shorter-haired me... and no- I am not counting that 3lb weight loss...)

(this last week, rob took me to this awesome frozen yogurty place... num. This is to see the hair though- needed it.)

back to fun pictures...

foto by meg

foto by meg

foto by meg
stay tuned for more... (i did post a few on my foto blog though...)

oh- and today marks the day I am starting my healthy track...
which means i may have some ddp withdrawal headaches soon...
stay tuned on that too. cause i know you'll all want to know- i will update the weight loss each week. barf.

don't you worry- my brand new freaking cute swimsuit
from shade® is hanging on my wall... just in case i forget...


  1. btw..congrats on graduating and tys and I can't wait to frequent your funny, cool, esp. after the many laughs we had bc of you on Thursday!!

  2. I used to think girls should never cut their hair. I was wrong.

  3. I still have to maintain (at least outwardly) my anti-short-haired-girls opinion, but you know the truth.

  4. Loretta and RichieApril 29, 2008 at 7:06 AM

    Congratulations on Graduation. I love the hair and your camera is freaking cool. It was radical to see you. Luv ya.

  5. Congratulations my dear friend!! I am so happy for you and jealous of your new camera and swimsuit. I must see you before you leave P-town forever! Call me.

  6. AH!!! you got a nikon! the best! i'm not sure how it was possible but you looked hot in your beautiful cap and gown! have fun in DC!!!! Good luck with those rascally kiddoes!

  7. CONGRATS!!!! I hope that your "we did it!" was in reference to Elle Woods in her graduation speech from Harvard Law. (Take THAT Warner!)

    And YAY for new cameras!! I just ordered one and I CANNOT wait to start playing with it! I SO wish I paid the extra $40 to overnight the blasted thing!


  8. ya meg! congrats on graduating- and btw- i just bought a darling suit from shade as well- but i haven't received it yet- i think they scammed me!!! haha.