Saturday, February 2, 2008

still moved...

I know I sometimes complain about living in Utah, but I have never felt more honored to live here than I do today.

After taking Trax (which is a clean, environment friendly, and new transportation system), we arrived at the Conference Center— it was a beautiful day. The sun was out, it wasn't too cold, and as we approached the CC, we could hear the broadcast music of the Mo-tab singing over the whole city.

After we walked in, feeling quite normal and unaffected, we were led to the escalator because we were on the balcony (but very perfect seats- nonetheless). What got me at first was the cute old woman standing at the escalator's entrance handing out tissue. How did she know? The two flights were silent and sniffly very quickly.

The meeting was just what Gordon would have loved. Lighthearted. Positive. Reminiscent of the good times. The Presiding Bishop (Burton) talked about the young people and how Hinkley was "our" prophet. He talked about the fact that right after his death there were thousands of text messages sent to inform and to combine to dress in his honor the following day...etc. (All of which I received) I just thought of how right it was that this man was so concerned with my generation. He talked open and firmly with love to us. Virginia Pearce was fun to listen to as she recollected her father's life she talked about how he took the gospel deep into his heart and how the loss of his Marjorie carved a spot deep in his heart to fit even more compassion. After some grieving, he put on his shoes and went to work.

Then the rest of the speakers told tender and personal stories about the time that they spent with the prophet that we probably won't hear in any other way than this. Tingey quoted Hinkley who, upon entering a leadership meeting, said "you all look like a bunch of penguins!" Eyring of course, talked about how positive he was and how he was always saying, "oh, it will work out!" He talked about how much Gordon loved Shakepeare and literature... tonight I sat through "Midsummer Night's Dream" at BYU and smiled to think of how much he might enjoy that.

Monson told a few cute stories and talked about how the two men shared the same doctor for multiple years. In one of Monson's visits, the doctor asked him to pass a message on to the president, "Can you ask him to use his cane what I prescribed it to him for— for walking! He is always wavin it around and tapping people..." To this Monson replied, "I am the president's first counselor, and you are his doctor— YOU tell him!" To close his endearing remarks on his dear life-long friend, he repeated the words of "God Be With Your Till We Meet Again". After the words ended, he concluded, by looking right at him through tears, "Gordon, God be with you till we meet again." I couldn't help but think of all of the time that these two must have spent together and the memories that could fill shelves of books.

He also talked about how he spent time with Gordon in the last few hours prior to his death. They offered a blessing with all of the family there and released him home. I couldn't help but think again of my Grannie and how personal it was for her children at her passing. And how overwhelmed I was to see so many people at her funeral. In all my life, I had never imagined how many lives she had touched, and still wont.

As the family left, someone in the room must have started it, but soon everyone was waving a hanky at President Hinkley as the family followed him out. The family waved out at us, and we at them. The choir sang as pictures and scenes played on the big screen. Not a dry eye.

I am so grateful to President Hinkley for what he did for the church and for me. I could feel in that room, that he loved me. I am glad that I am in this generation, and that I have seen what I have seen. I am grateful for his bold example to stand for what is right— even in the media. I know he was a prophet called of God for the true church.

After the family left and we watched the documentary, we walked out of the building. I noticed that I stood boldly on every step— with my whole foot. He makes me stand a little taller!

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