Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The adventures my phone has been on without you...

i realize that my phone often catches some very great things... and some things that just exist and that aren't so great... or even blog-worthy...but i will share them with you now.
in fact, grab a snack first—i can wait.

this is my niece.. (when in mesa) who i need to play with very soon or i just might spontaneously combust...

this is the flag on campus the monday following Hinkley's passing. it was snowy and cold and just looked cool.

this is in the tunnel of the HFAC.. where us wierdo artsy fartsy types hang out. generally about once a week or so, my brother and i make a trip to this place and get a non-caffeinated beverage (fresca...dur) and/or a bag of sun chips... preferably of the garden salsa persuasion. then i walk away singing "done, done, on to the next one..." for no good reason.

one of the days in arizona i left my phone at the house and peg and i went out to lunch or something... dad grabbed it and took it to work. when he walked it out he said in his old-man-that-doesn't-get-technology voice, "yeah... so i think i took a picture..."

i miss this one too. can we play soon?

rob lets someone else do the honor of shaving his head every week... lazy? yes. but i guess when you have a friends who will do it—that's the way i guess. almost mirrors m&m....the white rapper... not the candy... that's just gross—i can't believe you thought that.

i miss this too. family. here in coldtown, usa. grandpas and babies and all.

member that cute roommate that writes on stuff?

i painted that once. but it is nothin next to my brick...

i went to vegas... my phone went to nyc without me...

"only in utah" part two... the byu edition... no comment.

happy hump day... only two more days till the weekend is back!!
...your welcome for that...


  1. your roommate is not the first person i've heard of who writes on bananas! and i think you know what i'm talkin' about.

  2. I think that poster is hilarious.

  3. Loretta and RichieFebruary 7, 2008 at 7:28 AM

    Cute pics Megs. P.S. The girls miss you too. And so do I.

  4. LOVE it. I managed to take a picture of myself falling in the parking lot at work on Monday. If you haven't scene (yes I meant to do that) it yet let's fix that.

  5. haha, that is a hilarious pic of the bananas. yeah...i think i know who did it. ;)