Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yes and No Thursday...

Maybe I am just in the mood... or maybe I am moody...

Yes. I love this poo- green color... and I am wearing it today... why am I into poo? Dunno.

I am not a fan of wearing tubes of ice sheet metal on my lower half.

I am a big fan of talking to advisers that tell me that there is a light at the end... and that it is soon.

No. I am not excited that it has already been 14 days and I have yet to meet my cute new niece!

Yes. My green ipod shuffle... Only way to take the snow.

No. I am still an insomniac.

Yes. I get to make dinner tonight- "what" is courtesy of Peg's Jr. High cast of Music Man... thanks kids.

I have to go to a play tomorrow, instead of going to the ball.... no really- its a ball. :(

Yes. I have discovered a good amount of new music that has dramatically improved my life for the better... most of which you can listen to right over there---> (AND, I might go to a concert this weekend.... I love cousins for keeping the culture in me. And helping me to realize my life goals...)

No. I am not the amazing GYM goer that I once was.

Yes. That is going to change.

No. I have yet to play with my Lindsee and she has been here forever...marriage is no excuse...

Yes. I believe in forgiveness...


  1. MEG!! We can totally play. Tyler has a 4 hour EMT shift Friday night from 7:00-11:00--Let's play. I do have to visit my grandma for a little sweet! I will call you.

  2. Cute post meg. I am expecting your new niece and her parents for lunch in about 10 minutes. Not to rub it in, but you should come see her, Oh... and me too. The Music Man Cast loved the Sonic gift cards for the winners. I will e-mail you the better luck next times. So are you making Chicken Enchiladas with Chips and Salsa or Spaghetti, with garlic bread and salad? You see Both had (sing it) Ice Cream for dessert. I'm sure you get it. Good Choice. Heart, Peg.

  3. Cute posts Meg. I'm jeaulous that we aren't there playing with you guys! Looks like so much fun in Vegas! Miss you already. Love, Cam

  4. umm...i like the poo green color of your blog too :)

  5. I love this list. And I love that picture of you and Rob below. Really, it's a good one. I'm so glad you've discovered some new good music. My next cd purchase is gonna be that Sarah B. girl who sings "Love Song."