Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Sabbath Ron!

Why is today already such a fanfreakintastic day?

Well, maybe it is because the high councilman that spoke was completely hilarious and random. I took notes for you that missed out:

"I would like to issue a challenge to those of you who think you know something about the gospel... which would be the brethren..."

"I was in Mexico last week, and it felt like a reception line— meeting 100 people I will never see again— and we really didn't care about each other.... so lets care about each other!"

"I couldn't go to the devotional last week because I was in a hole in Mexico looking for dead people."

(about his 19-yr-old at home) "...he is trying his hardest to be as useless a possible..."

(about his 31-yr-old) "...we are still trying to give him a spinal transplant to ask one of the girls out that God keeps sending his way."

"I thought I would take a high-risk option in closing my talk"

"I hope that you all can find your spine and ask each other out and get married. Amen."

My inner monologue: Did that just happen? Yes, yes I think it did.

On a sadder note, I guess they decided that 16 months is a long time to have a calling and so they released me. I taught for the last time... oh well- I guess I can make it ;)

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  1. I just wanted to be the first to make a comment on this post. Meg rocks.