Sunday, January 20, 2008

Randomtown. Population: Me.

deep thoughts,
by MEG:

I was thinking. Ya know when you run up the stairs? Like you have many of them to run up and you've got a railing to hold on to? Do you step with your whole foot, or just your toes? I don't know- I think I switch off. Sometimes I think I like to step firmly on both of my feet because it makes me feel more powerful or something.

I was thinking too. Ya know when you have those moments in your life that as they are happening you think, "this is one of those moments I will remember"? Well, I wonder how often we walk by other people in the middle of one of those "moments"? Like a conversation that to me was no big deal, just something I would normally do-- and it changed his life forever because I may have accidentally told him something about his personality that he hadn't realized yet. Or like being on a bus with someone who is about to see their mom for the first time... and I would never know that about her... stuff like that. I wonder.

Then I was also thinking. Ya know those people that take the stairs every time instead of the elevator? Ya know- the nuts and berries- smiling- tree hugging types? Does that really do THAT much good to your body? I mean, they probably work out and eat healthy already- what is that few extra steps really going to do for them? I just know that they are still healthier than me- there is no catching up!

Then, as I sat in church today, some guy said that "obedience is a choice that we make one time in our life, and then we never have to make it again." Um.... really? When was that for me then I wonder? I guess I was sleeping when the polls ran on that one.... so did I lose? I am going to be right here, still thinking that one through if no one minds.

Or like the place that we saw here in Vegas called "A Cat Hospital." Why the "A"? No really, I know that isn't that big of a deal, and really it isn't, but I sometimes wish I could have been there when the owners sat down and decided what to call their high-class cat joint. "Well, we should go with what they will search in google.... so they come here first..." "yeah- that's good... real good."

And then I thought of how much I love to be with my people. I had dinner two nights this week with dear friends of mine that I don't get to see often and it made me happy. I guess I realized that I have more life-long friends than I thought already. See, I am New Years efficient! (except the fact that I didn't go to the gym this last week...I will go this one many times to make up..)


  1. Or remembering a random shirt with black stripes on a sunny day in the streets of Nauvoo...

    You missed the moment, but i still feel creepy

  2. you picked the correct title for this post. that's all! you're hilarious.

  3. Meg--weird---I was walking up stairs to get to church yesterday and I noticed that I was going up them using just the balls of my feet...I thought about it too. I think I only do it that way if I am wearing heels...

  4. I need to go to dinner with you, too, sometime, so that I can be added to the list of your life long friends. But in our case, we need to go to lunch. I wasn't sure if you still wanted to go this past Saturday, and then I got busy. When can we make a date?