Tuesday, January 22, 2008


i have to say- this season of Biggest Loser is getting to me in a bad way. i absolutely have to watch it--every time-- and i am sure that i lose 2 pounds each time i do. my heart races so so fast and i get so involved in the dramatic stories of the contestants' lives and the relationships that they have with each other... i love the drama. i also find that it gets me more and more stoked to go to the gym as i watch hard work pay off. i am sad that my pink team is gone :( -being from mesa and all- but they still inspire me.

and now that i have a new work-out jacket, and a new-found motivation-
again i say "BRING IT ON!"


  1. Hey- I'm getting a gym membership soon. Do you want to be gym buddies? perhaps if I have a friend to go with, I'll work out!

  2. thanks for giving away the ending of the episode. I taped it. I'm going to go watch the sixth sense instead, guess what people, he's dead, there we're even.

  3. Oh- you can fully come! We go to classes an awful lot these days to.... can you say "yoga?"