Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One more thing...

Dear Blog,

I think I may have given you the wrong idea about my eventful weekend. Let me revise:

I have been so stressed lately, with all of the crap that these people make me do... I have been worried about plans and decisions and fading lights at the end of tunnels. In short, I was at a breaking point.

I went on a date this weekend, which admittedly I am a little scared to do these days. I haven't been in a while, so the idea made my insides quiver a bit. But the recent acquaintance is a fun one and reminds me of a brother of mine- always a good sign.

I spent the evening getting ready, so nervous because I felt unready for this test I forgot to study for. I guess there isn't a real way to prepare for these...

I opened the door and felt a little better.

We went to dinner, at the previously mentioned place, which was a ways away. Great idea to incorporate travel time BTW. I appreciated the conversation. I felt a bit selfish because he asked so many questions! Dinner as you know, was amazing, and then we went to some fun arcade place where we got huge handfuls of tokens and went to town on a good game of "Deal or No Deal" (so fun) and some air hockey.

I guess I am just wanting to say that while the food was amazing, I was impressed. I felt better about myself after I got home and proceeded to tell my roommates the details... I think because it has been so long since I have been taken care of like that, or even on a real date, that it took me back a little.

So blog, forgive me if I made it seem like I at all used that date for the free meal-- I was giddy to have a real meal this week! It was worth so much more. I just wish I could pay him back is all.... Ruby River? It's no Ruth's Chris, but still good eats...


  1. I'm sure that anyone who knows the schedule and K-Raziness you have lived with this entire Semester will understand that you appreciated a rare treat. Thank you to the founder of the feast. That's all. Peg

  2. I hope "dear blog" really signifies that you are only apologizing to nutmegs12.blogspot.com and not to the rest of us! You deserved it, girl! And I'm jealous of it. Remember, "Just makes me hungry!"

  3. Meg-I'm pretty sure that appreciating a good meal (for free) and time to enjoy yourself is okay. Would that we could experience such things more often.