Saturday, December 8, 2007

I am a spoiled brat... envying

I don't get out often- this is true. But when I do, I always hope it will be a good "get-out".

I understand that I do not roll like my high rolling uncle, in fact, I can't remember the last time I have even had a steak.

Last night I went to the hottest Steak joint in SLC...
Ruth's Chris. (Open that in another window so you can get the sizzle noise in the background as you read the rest...)

Get this:
* After a ride in a heat seated vehicle, we arrived at said steak joint.
* The car is valeted.
* The nice hot chicks in the front take out coats and walk us to our seats.
* Table looks normal enough.... wine glasses included...

It's a la carte- pick whatever and it all goes together... fine. Break my arm.

* We get appetizers (or intense salads- the house salad could be the best thing I have decided to digest- $7.50 a piece)
* He said to get whatever and that he was goin for the filet.... so I followed suit. (A $35 choice).
* We both get potatoes: I get the skinny shoestring fries- apparently a pound and a half; he goes for the au gratin. Both fine choices. (about $8 a piece.)
* As we eat our bottomless amounts of warm and amazing bread, the nice Asian waiter, describes to us what they do to get the fine meat, how they age it, and how they bring it to you sizzling on 500 degree plates...etc.

Neither of us finished our steak and there was a huge stack of fries that got left as well.

Done? No. Dessert was a banana creme pie naughtyness in it's own little crust. The top was soft, caramelized, thinly sliced bananas.... WOW. (about $12)

Waiter gets points for being Asian, for bringing me a new Diet Coke- without having to say a word, and for telling me to eat that satanically amazing salad and dessert... I love him.

Long story short- I love food.


  1. Mike took me to Ruth's Chris for our very first date after I graduated from high school. Of course his daddy paid :) We decided to go back this past fall to celebrate our 5th anniversary of our first date. Good things happen at Ruth's Chris. Mmmm...

  2. everyone needs a rich uncle. you might need to go to confession or something after that meal, though.

  3. Spoiled brat? Hmmmm. Well, am I a spoiled brat every time I have a steak? I think not. Still on the starving student scale, steak does rank up there with the stuff dreams are made of, like sleeping in, no end of semester projects or finals and anything not found @ the cougareat. So I say go for it. Hope this week is easy and you slam dunk A's in everything. Go girl! By the way, how did Crepe Night go with the "new" plates?

  4. My fam (mom, dad, Drew, and me)went to Ruth's Chris one time. It was pretty much the most insane restaurant I have ever been to. They even have black cloth napkins for those who have black pants on and don't want white lint on their pants. Who thinks of that? Anywho, it is one of those "once in a lifetime" experiences for sure! Glad you already has yours, as did I.