Monday, October 1, 2007

It has begun...

I am officially unable to have a social life starting last Friday until after Thanksgiving... evenings are shot because I will be in a show and then concentrating too hard on sleeping and failing at it. Mornings I will be catching up on homework/going to the gym so my body doesn't brake and going to classes all day. If you need to get a hold of me, which I guess in this case, I am only speaking to my mom, then you know how....but good luck.

Last night I attended some kid in my ward's "Root Beer Floatial" just so I could steal the positive effects of one evening of the "ocial" part... cute. I get it. Root Beer Float/ Social....cute.

"What we think is chic, unique, and quite adorable..." Link
(This is Brightonface Quinn Hertford, one of my best friends and the one who put the Thoroughly Modern in Millie. Couldn't be any cuter- and so friggin talented she makes you want to gavomit on a daily basis. She also happens to be one of the sweetest people too... She has been termed a "firecracker" in the reviews... which she is... I would also call her a costumer's dream.)


  1. O.K. Brighton is a doll. I'm excited to see the show. But as you know I am still raising funds for the trip. sigh. Not really, I just want all my peeps to come with me and that's when Dad can come. Anyhoo, do try to get some rest, pray, eat an apple every day and for heaven sakes, laugh that deep, belly, throw your head back and guffaw kind of laugh at least one a day. Just a suggestion though, I've only been around say 54 years, but what do I know? - Peg

  2. So sorry that my alarm woke you up and not me this morning...and sorry that I couldn't figure out your alarm. I am useless. I like your mom. Can't wait to meet her.

  3. I hate cute girls that are nice too. Come on, give us a reason to hate you besides the fact that we are bratty...I should probably be speaking for myself here.

  4. Hey Megan! It was so fun to stumble across your blog! I know that life can be busy... everyone has different coping levels! You are apparently capable of tackling more things that I possibly could at once! I'm thinking I'm going to explode now! I couldn't imagine! Good luck with everything and I guess I'll talk to you after Thanksgiving! ;)
    -Karisa Tomkinson (Crawford)