Thursday, September 27, 2007

You know you are in the right major when...

You get credit for blogging all the media that you watch, (other said blog to check out) and when you just get to read and talk about plays and direct them and paint scenery and use manly tools and learn how to teach kids to write good and not use really long awkward run-on sentences...

This is why I do not blog a whole lot on here these days... that- and that I hardly have time to breathe- let alone blog... and still I do. Whatev.


  1. Nice sentence. Want to come up on Sunday? I have no idea what we are doing, but we will think of something if you come. If you have time and if you have time.

  2. Megan, if you really want a hoodie, let me know I think they are 15 or something!!! hehe