Friday, August 31, 2007

Turning a leaf at the Y

My former workplace

View from my office window

Today is my last day at work...EVER!
Before I go skipping out of this building
and do my ceremonious heelclick to the sound of
the BYU marching band outside my door...
I will think about how awesome it was at times... like yesterday, for example, when apparently a co-worker of mine, bless her heart, thought an exam might make it to it's destination in Saudi Arabia
if labeled "Eastern" as the country.
I guess I don't know Geography all too well (I mean I did just discover this past year that "Chad" was a country), but nevertheless... mail sent "somewhere east of here" is a little difficult to track... even for DHL.

This is the end of an era though...
2.5 years is a long time.
It reminds me of taking breaks with my Asian friend, and being directed to what Utans apparently refer to as "the CONE" the Creamery on Ninth East...
really, does
EVERYTHING have to have an acronym around here?
Yes. The answer is yes.
(And I just realized a few days ago
how cute BYU thinks they are...
selling ice cream at the "CONE"... cute. Real cute.)

It is sad too because Independent Study will be losing a poster child. Yes- I am a star. I am on the website and yes- even a commercial.
(Click on 'Pausing class' on the page if you wanna see it.)

I was the token white chick in all the shoots- all others had to be outsourced to make us look ethnic and diverse around here.
Speaking of ethnicity and milestones-we just recently hired IS's first black man. (Note: this is not because Utah is recently coming to terms with integration...
he happens to be one of maybe 10 that live here is all).
Anytime anyone asks who the new supervisor is we say "Joe...he's black."
And then you will get the nod of confirmation...
Oh Utah.

Oh- and a complete but necessary side note:
I am ready for football season this year
and plan to watch every game...
this one I will watch on the tube with my nieces
so Rich and Lo can go...
I am just that kind of a sister...

To get you pumped up for the BYU vs. Arizona game tomorrow... enjoy this.
(And try not to picture Peg clapping the beat
and singing it at the top of her lungs
in her house dress to wake you up...)


  1. I'm ironing the house dress if ever I need to sing"Rise and Shout!" Some of my best work, I might say. But I did shed a little tear as you leave today. Some giddy fingers took place there(good times) and it was always nice to hear a friendly voice @ I.S. Sorry but change is not one of my strong suits. Glad that you are happy for a "leaf to turn" though. High Five!

  2. Fun! Congrats on the last day at your job. It is a bittersweet feeling...leaving the ol' on campus job. I'm sure IS is sad to lose such a valuable member of its team. And yes, I am SO so so excited for football! Definitely going to the game today, and I am very impressed at your sacrifice to watch your nieces/nephews. You are a good person.

  3. I think that you may be Ninja impaired.......

  4. Thanks for watching the girls today! Luv ya.

  5. Yea Meg, you've given them two good years. Good luck to you and break a leg in all your upcoming endeavors that will be decidedly more fun. Love you!