Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Rest of NYC...

Monday we went to a few places we wanted to see before our night show... City Hall, Ground Zero and Little Italy... it was fun just to walk around and enjoy the place. We got back intothe city and spent most of the day trying to find H&M... my favorite store that really only exists on the East Coast (and now San Fran.... cuse men shop there too). We finally found it, and Asian just waited patiently for the girl to try on a handful of things, and then almost leave empty handed...but didn't. Then we went to a pizza place I believe, and then to Drowsy Chaperone. This was the highlight I think. If you get to NYC- this is the one to see. It was purely hilarious, very clean and family friendly... and just so fun. Josh laughed that I got the chills about 7 times and just giggled all night long.

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