Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NYC to DC...

The morning we left for DC we got up and got ready, Josh set out for some fruit to leave for our hosts and I packed up. We found a cute cafe we wanted to have breakfast at and set out to find it. It was this place, the Pink Pony. So cute and pretty quaint. I loved the small town feel and the amazing food. We walked quite a ways to get there, but it was such a perfect ending to our stint in New York. It was a pretty quiet day, peaceful I mean. We just tried to suck all the good out of it we could I think- and I believe that we did. (This is the apartment that we stayed...wish I had pictures of the inside) Then we got back on the bus that looked more like a jaguar and headed for home (well his home at least). Side story: when we got back into town, there was a lady wearing very large black-rimmed...spectacles I will call them. She was unbelievably cross-eyed and obviously confused. She was getting into an argument with the bus driver about our destination. She was certain that the place we ended was not where we were supposed to be. The nice man assured her it was, there was only one. She said in her lisp, "no- there is another place... this just doesn't look right...." I wanted to gently touch her arm and tell her..."ma'am... I hate to be the one to have to tell you this... but you are cross-eyed ya know...". He told her there was only the one and he has been working there for 15 years... it would have been funny if it wasn't so sad....no it was pretty funny.

When we got into DC we dropped our things off and went to an amazing Thai restaurant within walking distance. (I can't believe he didn't find it before now- almost shocking). All of the food was amazing, but the highlight was the dessert that we tried. Mango with sticky rice- I guess this is common for Thai restaurants, but I was unaware. If you get a chance and are feelin ethnic enough- I highly recommend it- (sung) "SO TASTY!"

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