Saturday, May 19, 2007

(Sigh) Drama Drama Drama….

You wouldn’t think that a few strands of hair out of place, or missing for that matter, would make a whole lot of difference in one’s daily life… hmm… well I guess that is not entirely true.

Take a look here at what would appear to be a great pair of eyes.
Well, the outsides I mean, so dark and tickled pink….

Well take a look at these….

Oh yeah- that is called curling in a hurry- I don’t generally advise this practice… it isn’t good for your morale. I once knew this girl in junior high that pulled out all of her eyelashes and eyebrows… this isn’t as bad as that, but still—pretty freaking ugly! So almost twenty dollars later and a bunch of girly fake things… I should be all right. No really, don’t send dinner and stuff, we are getting over things ok round here…. Just need to mourn a while is all…

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