Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"new mom" things i choose not to live without

i am sure you all already have this figured out, but i learned a few tricks after the fact...

i'll start here:

i have a million blankets, and keep collecting more as gifts, but i rarely swaddle my kid up in anything but this swaddleme. especially now that he is turning into Houdini baby. i used 3 when he was new new, and now just one. {now that he doesn't wet the bet twice a night...} i have the bigger size too, but we are starting to wean him off of swaddling. he love it lots and now starts to fall asleep once he's wrapped.

and this:

at about 5 or 6 weeks, we had a snot factory on our hands. B was not happy and we weren't much help. the little snot sucker they give you at the hospital only took us so far. the nose frieda may look gross, but it's genius. and no, you are not sucking snot into your mouth. not even close. but i am sure it is something your husband will cringe at. mine sure does. wuss. i use a little saline first sometimes and it goes a long way...

and these for breastfeeding moms:

happened upon washable breast pads one day when we were out shopping and i felt so muggy and gross.  i am all for breastfeeding and i deal with what comes with it, but smelling like a milk factory is where i draw the line. not fun.

we were at my favorite little baby store in san luis obispo and i figured they would have disposables. alas, they had these, and i love them. they hide better, stay dryer, and hey - a money saver. i'm in! {pictured the phillips aveda brand. not the first kind i purchased, but i like them.}

and this for techno moms:

baby timer app.

i have literally tracked every feeding. i can't stop. its just good to know what side i'm on and how long he eats... cause new moms are getting a brain back. and its slow... and it really helps with the schedule. if it has been about an hour-ish since he ate, and he fusses, i know he's getting tired. when its been 2.5-3ish hours and he's waking up, i know he isn't just waking up to wake up. makes my life really easy.

they say that babies go through growth spurts every 3 weeks or so, and now that the app has graphs, i can actually see when they are!  cool.

and last but not least:


from stuphfromsteph.

i love these and have one in my hand pretty much all day long. they are high quality, and uber cute. make great shower/baby gifts too- so go order some. i hope she gets so many orders she has to expand and make a bagillion more... tell her i sent you too.

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