Wednesday, May 25, 2011

totally unexpected and redeeming : biggest loser finale

if you are like me, you have been watching what i would say was the best season of biggest loser to date.

the contestants had a little something special about them this time around that is hard to avoid. they have a realness about them. they weren't there to play games, but they all played to win. and they were amazing to watch.

the purple team was one of my favorites from the beginning. hannah is hilarious and spitfires every funny thought that comes to her, and olivia was obviously cut from the same cloth. they both continued to lose weight each week, in odds that were not always in their favor. {then of course they had each other to help ensure the votes were always in their favor.}

olivia was fun to watch because of her story. her husband lost over 113 pounds at home while she lost almost the same. they both looked amazing and it is obvious that they are so much happier to be healthy and feel so great. even better that they have done it together.


deni - what?! she killed it!  biggest at-home winner and she deserved every penny. she was so so skinny and obviously did what she needed to at home. i loved that the moment she won, the other contestants swarmed in to hug and congratulate her. see what i mean? the love!

justin - looked ridiculously incredible. he was only 3 lbs away from winning the at-home, and though i am glad it was deni to take it, i was so proud of that guy. he really grew on me and he will do great things.

sarah - seriously? she doesn't even look like the same person!! she was so hot!  so proud of them to get so far on their own.

the mustache twins - holy cow!  maybe its just cause they were on the ranch a short time {comparatively} but they looked like they just walked out of fat suits. tini tini. so proud of these guys- again, they said that they could do better at home- and they sure did.

and jen. need i say more?

at the end of the day, only one of the bite-sized purple sisters could win.
i didn't even care which one!

congrats, olivia

bring it on, season 12. i'm ready.
and totally inspired.

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  1. I always love to see how everyone looks, but I was blown away with Dan and Don. I guess I really did not think they'd do much. I think I thought they'd be more like Q and his wife.