Tuesday, May 17, 2011

and then there were four - {BL/90-challenge update}

biggest loser is getting hardcore in the last 2 episodes.
i have to admit, as much as i love jay, i wished we could have seen chia pet {2} to the end. 

there is something about those young four that has been so fun to watch. i am especially happy for the girls to be in the final 4.
i {freakin} love the purple girls, and irene has been at the top since the beginning, so if she didn’t get there – i was going to go full out into my ugly cry. 
and you don’t want to see that.

and, for those who watch, i am happy to see olivia stand up to the “show” of it. she won $10,000 earlier in the week and then was given the chance to trade it for a 1-lb advantage.
she was getting crap for taking the money she earned and still lost 5 lbs!!  eat that.

finale party at my house next week!

{and of course, we watch the voice shortly thereafter…
have to stay up on the battle rounds. man, i love that show.}

90-day challenge update:

we are on day 15 of 90 day challenge today and we are starting to get into the swing of it.

p90x is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you,
but i am not sore anymore and feeling stronger every day.

the workouts are tough, but you can start small. the first workout is just pushups and pullups, but you can use bands and do less reps than they do.  you just set goals and outdo yourself…etc.  we are not following the p90x diet completely but we are definitely eating close to it and eating way healthier.
{i didn't want to jump straight into crazy diet mode anyway for breastfeeding purposes}

results after week one:
chris: 1.5lbs
meg: 0

after week two:
meg: 2.5lbs!

what we are eating:

oatmeal/7-grain with agave

1/2 protein bar- i like zone or clif bars, myself. some of them are barftastic though.

either a salad/leftovers or a lean cuisine panini - so good and only 300ish cals

1/2 protein bar

some lean meat with steamed veggies.
{we went all out on saturday night and made artichoke. woops.}

{and i don't plan to be too crazy - cause last night we had a honey baked ham.... well, it had to go sometime, right?}

we have only had night so far that we didn’t make it to the work out.
we realized that to have 100% with a newborn is probably a bit unrealistic,
so we decided that we will have up to no more than 5 off days in the whole program.
that way we don’t feel awful on nights like that night when B was ticked at life.
i hope we don't use them all...

so far so good.

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  1. So proud of you guys! Count me in for the finale party!