Thursday, April 14, 2011

getting into the Spirit - Easter style...

found this little gem and it me me smile {slash} tear.
i had almost forgotten why this fun holiday exists.

then i was making this {not so} little print at my mother's request and it took on new life.

i love having a way to create really cheap decor to put up in my little temporary home.
and i love when it is bright and sunshiny too.


  1. I love this art Meg! You are one creative chick! I love that I said, hey could you invent this, and you call me today with," Go check the blog". It's colorful, Easter-y and the best part is the real message of Easter is in it for all to see. That's my girl I'm heading to Costco and I'll take a photo of it and post on my blog. How's that?

  2. Thanks for sharing and making me CRYYYYY.