Wednesday, April 6, 2011

biggest loser: i am in mourning

here is something that we never thought would happen...

now, i think this is another one of those times when the "game" got the best of the show...

courtney was never meant to leave the show this early, and especially not like this.
there were many players that needed to go home in front of her and had a bad weigh-in.  courtney worked harder than all of them combined, and was just unlucky. because she was the only one on her team, if she didn't beat their weight, she had to leave. 
it's not fair, she still has so far to go...

i have watched the past 5 or so seasons religiously and i have never seen a good-bye this heartbreaking and it was even more so for the rest of the cast.
the trainers were ticked, and rightfully so.

the extra stab: brett was sent home too {since his team is now gone}. rude.
and what makes it even worse {besides the fact that he might be my favorite trainer}
is that starting next week, the cast is on their way to new zealand!!  rude.

but courtney, no one has ever had this much fight from day one.
no one has been this focused mentally that the trainers had nothing to "break down."

she always had the right answers to the hard questions cause
she is on a mission and there is nothing that will stop her now!

i wish i had the same strength.
cc and i are getting ready to start p90x in may {after all our family comes and goes}
and we are going to make sure we dont miss a single day. again, i will need to harness my inner courtney to kick this baby weight in the pants.

courtney has lost over 200 lbs  
and she will be a force to reckon with at the finale. 
good luck girl! 
i, for one, am rooting for you all the way!


  1. I love her too. She is one that I relate to and am inspired by. I don't have 200 lbs to lose, but If she can do it and work at a Dairy Queen, my little problems with food and lack of exercise are laughable. Sorry Game - Makers of Biggest Loser...... you shot yourself in the foot this time. That's all.

  2. I think they will bring her back and it will be a cry fest!

  3. Meg, noooooo!! I should not have clicked this on my reader! We are watching the episode as I type this, and I should have known you would talk about the episode last night! Courtney was my FAVORITE. I want to be her friend. I think I might cry that she is gone.

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