Wednesday, February 9, 2011

set your tivo.... yes, another show...

 mr sunshine

is the matthew perry we love...

this show starts tonight,
right after modern family,
 and i know you are already watching that...

you see, the reviews for this show so far are fair, at best,
but when last we saw mr. perry, 
he was cruising on studio 60,
a show that only lasted
a season and a half....

my opinion, studio 60 was too smart then,
and basically 30 rock is the same show,
minus anything serious and add the campiness we all love.
but this show- that you can watch on netflix streaming,
is a fun gig that just didn't get any attention...

lets give mr. sunshine a chance, and see how it goes.
yes, matthew perry will be basically chandler bing, 
 but older and more cynical,
but just like you probably got sucked into fairly legal,
this guy deserves a second look...


  1. we loved i'm excited for this new one!!

    ps: still haven't mailed your baby gift...but it's coming eventually. :)

  2. How have I never heard of Studio 60? I watched the pilot during lunch. Thanks!

  3. Completely unrelated to Matthew Perry (though I do miss Chandler Bing), it appears that the pink team on BL is Mormon. I don't know what temple Denni's daughter's wedding was at, but you can see the Family Proclamation on the wall when the other girl's husband is showing off the dog. Interesting that there are always Mormons on BL.

  4. Just watched it. (No really--just finished it 5 minutes ago.) Loved it. I love Matthew Perry. I will root for him every time he makes a comeback until he once again secures himself a permanent spot back in my primetime television. He's one of my top comedic actors--just exceptional.

    And oh my goodness, Allison Janney! Is she amazing or what? Her character is FABULOUS!! Do I smell an Emmy?! I am excited for next week. This could be a good one!