Friday, November 12, 2010

hunger games, check.

ok, i know it took me forever to finish.
what with working again, and church things and
starting the quilt and all...
but i picked it up and finished the last few chapters in what felt like minutes.

i am a little depressed that i can't be the one to write this screenplay.  i would LOVE to do it - the books are written so beautifully to transfer to film.
all we need now is for all of you to read them so we can
fantasize about who should play Katniss.

...and then we can fight over Peeta and Gale.  though we all know it's "team Peeta" all the way. 

i also have to say that the entire time i was reading these books i was trying to get Collins's deeper meaning. where she thought of this and why it applied to her....

all i know, is after a day of mourning for my dear cousin that just lost his wife, the final pages of this seemingly random and disconnected book struck a chord with me. 
i get why she wrote it.

what a great story of hope and love, 
and though it may be sprinkled with some of her political fears,
i only caught the hope. 
and i cried that it was over.

literally, like a baby, i cried cause i wanted more...

{i have to mail these back to their rightful owner,
and i think i will purchase myself a set to keep... or to make cc read so we can talk about it... that means i might need to take him to the beach tomorrow...ya know, quality "let me read my book" time is good for any relationship}

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