Wednesday, November 3, 2010

biggest loser 11.2.2010 {the US marines come to town}

first of all,

what a fantastic idea to get the US marines to kick the BLs trash this week.
i was watching these fat kids hike a mountain with full camo and packs on...
i'm thinking they are going to sweat off a few pounds...

the teams have a challenge and the black team loses 
because elizabeth [who has asthma] passed out.
i think that these guys needed the blow to their egos 
[by not winning] and an excuse to practice some teamwork.

this weigh-in was crazy.
everyone did bad cause of the awful food in the mess hall they ate with the marines all week.
[and no joke- they eat to put on weight.]

frado gets on the scale and says he feels like he gained 6 pounds- 
and alas, he gained 4!

black team had to sit someone out and should have sent elizabeth home.
but they send anna home.

no offense guys, but the one with no friends that actually drops pounds vs. the one that can't keep up and really should be working out at her own pace...?

but no!
the one that has been there for only like 2 weeks!
she fought so hard!!

grr- i hate the black team,  
except for maybe aaron and ada...


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