Monday, October 18, 2010

don't mind me...

inspired by this gal's wedding slash entire home decor...
thanks, t.

 now if only i can capture this retro whimsy in a baby room...

i love the stripes, obviously these are the wrong color...

i wont be able to go all the way until we are in a house [fingers crossed]
in san diego,

but who says i can't collect and plot now
[cue evil laugh and burns fingers...]


  1. Hmmm...I think I've seen that blue somewhere before... :)

    Good luck with the house. While you're petitioning the future, feel free to throw in a similar wish in for me, will ya?

    I totally drove by a cowboy boot store today and thought of your previous post. Ha!

  2. Done. I'm on it. I will be sending you links. Prepare yourself.

  3. I just typed you a paragraph comment, but didn't go thru. So, sorry if it posts twice!
    Anyway... holy mother of pearl, my heart just jumped out of my chest. I love all the pictures, for obvious reasons.I wanted to do gfriend's room in these colors, but SRB reminded me that 900 square feet of them downstairs was probably enough. (So I just tweaked it slightly and came up with pink & aqua, mwahaha)
    B's room would be sooo adorable in these colors. And then I will have another reason to come move in with you!
    Anyhoo... love your face!