Thursday, September 16, 2010

dear future,

when you get around to it,
i would like to see some of these pretties in my closet.

now, seriously,
this chick cant possibly be pregnant...

where are the ladies?!

otherwise a way cute find that is perfect for the upcoming
warmer beachin weather here...
seeing as my current one is singing
"june is bustin out all over!"

some of these other ones make me miss my job.
dressing editorial and feeling cleaned up...
the good ole days.

how'd SHE get here? she isn't prego anywhere!

love this skirt and wish i had 5 of them...
i am tempted to bite the bullet and find a pattern...

and then, future,
i just thought this iBaby was fun,
cept i hope that is gray cause i would need a
"right, we don't know what's in there" kind...

think on it and get back to me
when you realize how deserving i am...

1 comment:

  1. Dear Future,

    I am here to second the motion that Meg is an upstanding expectant mother and deserves the aforementioned, ADORABLE items of clothing.


    (Even the accessories suit you! I love that necklace on the navy top. Cute, cute!!)