Monday, August 2, 2010

operation domestication - part two

now that i am home,
and i have my very own kitchen,

i have had time to bond with little red

who looks pretty cute in my little kitchen

but something was missing...

so with my drawer full of measuring cups,
(i thought we took back most of the extra ones!!)

the first batch of cookies were made.

and now i have canisters with food pregos eat.

then it was time to face some of the new appliances we haven't used.

peg taught me how to use my wok,

and then we tried out the pizza stone...

and after i spent some time with cousin emily-
who is crazy domestic
and sent me on my way with homemade jam
...right before she started her fresh bread,

i decided it was time to get organized her way.

this is going to be my food plan calendar:

every day is a new theme of food product
and they are kind of self-explanatory:
(but i will for you, cause i don't know how to shut up)

pasta = italian
something new = one of those things i have always wanted to try...
rice = asian
beans = mexican
date nite = not makin dinner-nu uh.
pizza = homemade naughtiness of many kinds
healthy/easy = some home-cooked sunday-style goodness

and i hope to fit in as many of my new/unused appliances as i can
and get as many new-ish recipes too...

of course i will share them with you if they are good ones.

i feel just like julie...

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  1. Atta girl! I knew you'd make a good Julie! Can't wait for the updates and the news of all the success! :)