Monday, June 7, 2010

long-winded movie reviews

alice in wonderland

i know i know,

we are so late to the party.

here's the deal-
this is one of those movies that you would normally catch on tv on a saturday night at say 9pm or so-

you know,
those days that you found yourself alone
with nothing to do
and suddenly you are entranced in the weirdest movie but you can't rip away?

sort of how i felt - i love the weird, i do,
when i came back to reality,
i was still trying to imagine all of the ways to create alice's black and red dress for myself...

the costumes were fabulous, the idea was creative,
and i was entertained.

was it weird?
of course it was!
but you knew that when you sat down to watch tv by yourself on a saturday night...

i will say this-
i heart both johnny depp and helena bonham carter.
perfectly disturbing and fun.

rent or own?

well, if you do need to own it- go with blue ray

(i know, i know,
i am now brainwashed to think i need blue ray player
and no less than 58 inches to watch it on.
thanks, hon.)


  1. But my dear cuz, don’t you do need blue ray, except you need a ps3 instead and a 50 inch is perfect! Lol I loved this movie too! As well it struck every sense of childhood innocence in me and my mind went rampant on all the wonderful things I could take from such a visually creative motif

  2. I absolutely loved this movie! It was amazing and like you said the costumes were out-of-this-world. Johnny D and Helena delivered.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog