Tuesday, June 29, 2010

beach hunt

saturday was dedicated to searching out
our beach.

the one we will frequent when we are close enough to be frequenters.

this one, straight west of us, was far too cold and windy:
(and apparently inhabited by some endangered bird
so you can't really hang out there...)

this one is shell beach:
no shells, just gravel.
too cold, obviously.

then we found *avila beach:
(also only 20ish minutes away)

"this one was juuuust right."

obviously this is a different crowd:

so i paparazzied this wedding that we watched start to finish.

dear bride,
if you ever stumble across this,
i have a few more you will want...

(the fotographer was missing out on this action)

avila is the winner
we will give you the update on that in a few weeks
when we are locals too!

*i corrected this post later from "pismo" (the beach we thought we were at.)
now that we have been here and been to the beach a handful of times,
we are a bit embarrassed at how obvious that this beach is in fact avila.
and there has been a wedding set up every time. awesome.


  1. Color me GREEN with envy! Hey...before you go, will you take family pics of us??? Please-y please??? :)

  2. Pismo is fun, but perhaps a little rock and roll for my taste. We like Avila the best because it has a nice mellow crowd (lots of families), is nice and sunny after the fog heats off, and a nice farmer's market on Friday nights. We're so excited for you two (plus one!)

  3. The 3 Baldwins are sooo there visiting. Just so you know.