Saturday, May 1, 2010

weekly winner - final countdown

stumbled upon a gem.

you didn't even know we were having a contest,
but you won it.

i will let you come up with the title of said award:


  1. One man, a ukelele, a bazooka and I'm speechless. ☺

  2. Honestly I have no response for this performance. I do get an image in my mind of Dick Van Dyke as Bert playing the big bass drum, honking with his head and cymbals between his knees and a harmonica wired for his mouth. Only in that case it was meant to be humorous.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHeeeeeeee! Wow, I'm trying to laugh quietly because my kids are sleeping! I love that he cuts himself off to play the kazoo again!!!
    Oh oh and the serious note at the end... funny!

  4. That dude looks like the keeper of the Pit of Dispaire from Princess Bride. Maybe he had a son and taught him this new form of torture. Ha,ha, ha!!!

    I stumbled upon your blog from Cindy's, and that was hillarious!

  5. I think the tile of the award could be any of the following:

    1. Way to go in acquiring/buying a piano-lele. That's a deal you should never pass up.

    2. Congrats on taking an androgynous hairdo to a whole new level.

    3. To the man who almost convinced the people at Juilliard of a new area of music - the ukulele/kazoo combo.

    Anyone of those would work.... :)