Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Step it up" conference/my mother-in-law is awesome dot com

perhaps you remember last year,
as i was getting to know my future mom-in-law...

she put on this mini-conference.

we giggled and talked about possible decor
because we weren't yet engaged, but getting there.

this year,
she outdid herself.

the decor was essentially my wedding
(plus the "foot fotos)

the program and classes and food were great too...

this food right here,
may or may not have been the demise of my diet endeavors last week...

good news: men will help with anything when food is involved...

kelly's classroom.
she taught about motivating children to learn.
that is a creative passionate teacher.

darlene + posse

what a day.
i felt inspired.

we could also talk about how that day jayme's car was broken into
and bombed/torched,
or how aunt linda got a lung (after waiting 2 years)...

the Big Guy who is ever watching,
yet again,
reminds me I am so blessed.


  1. way to go, lady! you've taken off!

  2. wow! That is amazing, and your pictures are awesome!!

  3. This looks SO cute! btw did you see my living room redo? it's SO your wedding :)

  4. this looks SO cute! btw did you see my living room? it's SO your wedding, you inspired me :)