Sunday, January 3, 2010

bring it on, 2010

last year was hands down
(i guess that means you can't even vote on it, put your hand down)
the best year of my nearly 25 years...

this time last year i had no idea,
that in 2 weeks i would be on a first date and lovin life and and all things cc.
(driving all of you nuts with my giddy stories)

this time last year,
i had no idea where i would be living or working...
i am amazed how much my heavenly father blesses more and more daily

bring it, 2010.

as an FYI,

this blog
, is going to slowly become the foto place,
as i have many coming up
and i know having 2 is quasi intense.

do i care? not much.

for christmas,
cc gave me all kinds of foto equips
and a workshop class i get to go to...
i have been gettin ready.

so excited.

bring it on.

1 comment:

  1. Love the new look on your blog.
    I could use some blogging tips.
    Great Pictures