Wednesday, November 25, 2009

secret's out

sorry, this isn't what you thought, but it's equally as good:

we have our own biggest loser!

inspired by this:

and this, and this...
and this...

we decided to go for it.

my mom is my best friend (second only to cc), she's beautiful,
and she deserves this more than anyone i know.
i'm not even biased.

in less than a year, we will bury the half of my mom that we lost.
you might be invited.

here is the initial foto shoot:
[with one of the most impossible subjects yet] i had to include even the poor lighting ones....

"peg, stop talking."

"ok, can i be done yet?"

"what if i do like they do for your school pictures?"

i will be posting updates and the "BL leader board" as we go...

for a total weight loss of:
(start date 11.17.2009)

peg: 15 lbs
meg: 7 lbs

brought to you by medifast.
if you go, tell them we sent you.


  1. Wait... is your mom going to be ON the biggest loser? Or are you guys doing your own biggest loser? Either is very exciting!

  2. My aunt did that medifast thing. Totally works! Good luck!

  3. Ok, Peg may be the funniest person I know. Those pictures were hilarious. Love you all...