Friday, September 18, 2009

tv talk - BL and glee part 2...


this is tv talk,
so lets talk:

who got a whiff of glee round 2 this week?

anyone, anyone...
oh- the 2 in the back...

no it's ok, i didn't mind most of the singing either.

the black chick's was awesome,

"i bust your windows out your car"
with cheerio back-ups.

but the rest?

no, not so much.
not as funny as it should be, to be real frank.

really you would rather watch the main guy sing
or the cheer coach say anything...
am i right, am i right, or am i right?


but did we get to see
Biggest Loser yet?

if not, that is your homework this weekend,

go to your mom's where she has it taped on her vhs

and love on fat people.

[coach mo, danny, and liz may be my favs so far...]

the stories are good this time.
and bob and jill: no mercy.

so it makes it fun to watch.

it will be an
inspiring season
and we will be wrappin it up here on tv talk as we go...


cause i can't keep my mouth shut.

what'd you think?

oh, and don't even get me started on the office....
i died after the intro alone.

watch it on hulu and smile.
iheart it.


  1. Got a little whiff of glee. and Oh My Gosh - I realize that my wholesome is way off what is coming out of Hollywood - not as funny, darker, less engaging. For me, may be a 4 out f 10. I might watch one more, but can't see this keeping up and me supporting it. Sorry to say.

  2. If ya like it you shoulda but a ring on it... yep... still playing in my head... over and over.