Tuesday, September 1, 2009


[foto by jd]

as i was writing my bio for class
i realized how much i miss DC.

i miss the black people,
the talented kids,
the singing,
the metro.

i miss this big green chair in front of my school,
and i miss bus drivas.

i loved rain and the wet dewy walk
over wet, colorful splashes of the fall leaves on brick sidewalks.

here it is just hot.
[cept for the awesome rain outta nowhere last night!]
and i get to hang out with my best friend daily...
and see my family all the time...
and go to the cabin occationally...
or even the beach...

hey wait!
this is fantastic!

dear Very Near Future,

lets be here soon:

[foto by peg]

ok. sounds good for me too...
weekend of not-laboring it is...

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